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The commencement of business, to every dream catcher!
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First business day after the holiday

Perhaps you are still immersed in the lazy comfort of the Spring Festival.

But the new journey has already begun.

Those not yet implemented FLAG

Those far away that have not yet arrived

Those dreams that we long for but have not yet touched

Are waiting for you and I am leaving

Looking back at 2018

We have joy or regret

Outlook 2019

The road ahead may be full of ruggedness

Only struggle can not fear the wind and rain

Every seemingly slight change

May be the fire of the stars that lit the dream

As emphasized by President Xi Jinping

The new era is the era of the struggler

Only a struggled life can be called a happy life.

We are all working hard

We are all dreamers a new Year

More cherish time

The rest of my life is too short, not so much to come to Japan.

Freud summary

Fifty years of research psychology experience

Summarize what is most important to people in one sentence

He replied:

Go love! Go to work!

In the new year, we are all dream catchers!

Come on! You are on the road!

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