Since 2006
Rooted in Maoming, focusing on large stainless steel products

Maoming Changxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Jinshan Industrial Park in Gaozhou City of Maoming, a famous oil city in China. It was established in 2006 and covers an area of 90,000m2. Changxin is a large-scale stainless steel manufacturer with the combination of R&D, production and sales.

Changxin Stainless Steel possesses a number of advanced production lines and equipment: leveling, flying shear, oil mill, wire drawing, nano coating, tunnel baking oven, negative ion vacuum plating, etc.


The company has professional team to constantly developnew products. At present, the products include oil mill wire drawing, fingerprint free, embossed plate, 8K, titanium gold, nano coating, negative ion vacuum plating color stainless steel plate and so on.

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